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still life
our blinding 
in case things go poorly

light of its history
vestal fire
dark objects
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alex ingersoll is associate professor of media studies in the school of design and communication in the college of fine arts and communication at the university of wisconsin-stevens point.

he received his ph.d. from the university of north carolina at chapel hill on media and technology studies with a focus on technologies of spatial representation, orientation, and memory.


our blinding

ami / 2019

these are the dreams of the spar spectra.
varying self, study of figure in a landscape.
constructed with the birefringence of iceland spar
and ways of being in a traumatic climatic form.

inspired by a sign on rib mountain describing 'ancient ripple marks' made from the sands of the precambrian sea. on the sign, sections including time spans of 'over two billion years,' 'several hundred million years,' and 'about 600 million years' have all been scratched away by someone.

"around the edges of his form, a strange magenta and green aura had begun to flicker, as if from a source somewhere behind him, growing more intense as he himself faded from view, until seconds later nothing was left but a kind of stain in the air where he had been, a warping of the light as through ancient window-glass."

- thomas pynchon, against the day