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still life
our blinding 
in case things go poorly

light of its history
vestal fire
is an end without an end an end?
dark objects
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alex ingersoll is associate professor of media studies in the school of design and communication in the college of fine arts and communication at the university of wisconsin-stevens point.

he received his ph.d. from the university of north carolina at chapel hill on media and technology studies with a focus on technologies of spatial representation, orientation, and memory.


in case things go poorly

ami / 2018

reel/reeled/reeling/reels (rēl)

-to cause to stagger or recoil.
-to waver; to recoil or draw away from.
-of material things: to shake, rock, or swing violently; to totter, tremble.
-of an object or image: to have, or seem to have, a rapid quivering motion; to shimmer.
-of a person, group, etc.: to be emotionally or psychologically shaken by an event, experience, etc.; to feel disorientated, bewildered, overwhelmed, or intoxicated as a result of an occurrence, a powerful emotion, carrying a heavy weight, etc.

"yet still i gasp'd and reel'd with dread.
and ever, when the dream of night
renews the phantom to my sight,
cold sweat-drops gather on my limbs."

- s.t. coleridge, ode on the departing year, vi. / 1796