The Whole Bit

Light, shadows, and movement are cast by elements in the natural environment, combined with disoriented narration, and processed within reverberating cascades of audio as the viewer peels back layers of the unnerving, unsettling, and anxious scene that is unfolding. In an effort to sense “the whole bit” by uncovering what lies beyond space, the narrator questions our perceptions of the landscape as he guides us with echoes of “do you see?”

As all visual media are descendants of the sun (re: Kittler), the fundamental precursor for our method of seeing is the projection of sunlight. The Whole Bit combines this approach with static camera shots of sunlight moving through tree branches being whipped around by the wind and producing elaborate shadows. Layering these images over each other creates a seemingly natural range of movement that veers towards the artificial in a way that makes the scene both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.