Light of its History

An archive of stone memory. Mapping time with geological media. Fumbling to reach through time to the things themselves.

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Constructed using boulder stereograms, martian landscapes, mutable pixels, and glacial erratics. Subtitles from The Story of an African Farm (1883) by Olive Schreiner:

And at night when the twilight settled down, there looked out at him from the holes and crevices in the rocks stange faces...

"If I should stop but for one moment, you would creep down upon me," he replied. And they put out their long necks farther.

"Look down in the crevice at your feet," they said. "See what lie there, - white bones! As brave and strong a man as you climbed to these rocks. And he looked up. He saw there was no use in striving; he would never hold Truth, never see her, never find her."

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