In Case Things Go Poorly

reel/reeled/reeling/reels (rēl)

To cause to stagger or recoil.
To waver; to recoil or draw away from.
Of material things: to shake, rock, or swing violently; to totter, tremble.
Of an object or image: to have, or seem to have, a rapid quivering motion; to shimmer.
Of a person, group, etc.: to be emotionally or psychologically shaken by an event, experience, etc.; to feel disorientated, bewildered, overwhelmed, or intoxicated as a result of an occurrence, a powerful emotion, carrying a heavy weight, etc.

"Yet still I gasp'd and reel'd with dread.
And ever, when the dream of night
Renews the phantom to my sight,
Cold sweat-drops gather on my limbs."
S. T. Coleridge, Ode on the Departing Year, VI. (1796)

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Elegy from Sickness, Its Trials and Blessings (1856) by Priscilla Maurice:

For the Morning
For the Evening
For Midnight

For Patience
For Contentment
For Humility

For those in Pain
For those in Poverty
For those in Loneliness

For help in Restlessness
For the Aged
For Wearisome Nights